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The Complete Package

At Rolfe Schnur Motorsports Marketing we provide the most comprehensive motorsports marketing program you will find. Our goal is to build your brand where you have become a very marketable racing team. Pictured is Slade Parsons, a 16-year old modified racer from Winston-Salem. NC. Together we have built his brand from the ground floor to include a powerful marketing deck, website, email blasts, press releases, Facebook and social media entries, weekly one-on-one public speaking webinars as well as mock radio and sponsor presentation sessions. Whatever Is the need for Slade we work on providing him with all of the tools he will need to be successful.

Marketing Deck

We are proud of our marketing decks which has opened the doors for us to several new clients. In motorsports, we are storytellers and that is exactly what we do. We tell your story through powerful photos and words that creates who you are…each story is different and it is our Job to differentiate you from your competition. We build a Quick Facts sheet and educate a potential marketing partner on why they would want to become a partner of your team as well as the benefits of racing as a sport. When It is complete you can send it by PDF or let us print it and bind it for special presentations.

Public Speaking

I am very proud of the work we have done with public speaking and two of our most high profile racers are good examples of what we have done. At 15, Max McLaughlin was a rising star in the south at Millbridge Speedway and in his UMP Modified. We began working weekly on his public speaking and the results were dramatic. Week by week we saw a difference in the tonality of his voice, the strength of how he answered questions and an overall confidence. Today at 17, the Super DirtCar Series now utilizes Max in TV interviews.

In 2013 when William Byron finished a Summer Shootout race at the Charlotte Motor Speedway we brought him into the media center and did mock interviews of the night’s events. Fast forward to 2015… after winning a K&N race at the New Hampshire Speedway William exited the press conference and said to his Dad, now I know why Rolfe used to interview me after the Legends races.


Anyone can write a story and anyone can create a marketing deck…the difference between a good product and a great product are the details and that is where we excel. We take pride in creating content that is extraordinary…not extra ordinary. Whether it is telling your story, designing a slide like we did for the Plott Boyz that you see in the photo or simply writing a press release our goal is to make people take notice of who you are and what you are doing.

Media and Social Media

We are always looking of news ways to get your press releases to the media. We have created a new release that includes a photo plus your release and they have been received well. We will call media outlets in race cities, find new ways to publicize you and work hard to get the maximum exposure we can, whether through traditional media outlets or social media. Our new websites will have a social media page which will solidify an area that we believe we can grow in. Our Facebook and Twitter entries are our own version of pre-race and post-race releases.


I am very upfront about sponsorship. We are not cold callers, we are relationship builders. If you have a relationship with a potential sponsor we will not only provide professional marketing materials, but build you a sponsorship program that makes business sense. Our newest client, Ruark Racing, had a relationship with a company for over ten years. We built their marketing deck and inserted a few pages on the proposal and program and now have their first sponsor for their team. Have we sold sponsorship? Yes, for teams of all levels…our biggest would be a $1,000,000 program with Polaroid for Shawna Robinson in the former Busch Grand National Series.

Driver Development

There are many aspects to a successful driver development program. One that might be the toughest is what’s next in your career? In 2012 Matt Pappa won 45 races and the US Legends Pro championship at 14 years old. It was time to move on…but where to? Through a series of calls with the Pappa’s I made a call to my friend Brett Hearn, the winningest Big Block Dirt Modified driver off all time. On a napkin in a Denny’s we created a three-year program where Matt became the first teammate in the 35-year history of Brett Hearn Racing. It was a win-win program for all involved. Next? Consultation on the who’s, what’s, where’s, why’s and when’s of your career. Through my rolodex, we can provide expert analysis and options that fit your budget and dreams.

Your Cause

We believe that every racer should have a cause. In 2016, Mid State Motorsports chose Folds of Honor as their cause. Pictured is Sarah White, who is the first graduate of this amazing program that provides scholarship to children of those killed in action while serving our country. The Korner’s gave their 2016 winnings plus money they raised at the 2016 US Legends Car Banquet totaling $10,150 in memory of Sarah’s father, Captain Dennis Michael White. What’s your cause?

2015 Star Racing Challenge

In the winter of 2014 my friend and colleague, George Bryce, owner of Star Racing asked me for a few ideas for ways to increase awareness as well as find new talent for the NHRA Pro Stock motorcycle division. Together we came up with the 2015 Star Racing Challenge in which 25 riders competed to be three-time NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle Champion Angelle Sampey’s teammate at the national NHRA event in Atlanta that year. It was one of the most gratifying professional experiences of my life.It is another way that we can generate revenue for clients through our creativity…and have fun.

Motorsports Marketing

For over 25 years I have been involved in motorsports and in 2017 we have expanded our services and products that we provide for our clients. Let us design a marketing, media and sponsorship program that fits your needs…as well as developing all of your skills outside of the race car. Join our family of racers who have turned to Rolfe Schnur Motorsports Marketing to become the most marketable racer they can be.